The NSPM team consists of chartered architects and engineers with extensive experience in the private and public sector.

With successful careers in countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, Greece and Jordan, our people have a familiarity with the intricacies of varied and complex local legislation frameworks, banking, planning and building procedures that can greatly facilitate the experience of overseas investment.

The firm has an experienced legal and accounting team that allows the in-house coordination and supervision of projects, providing a complete one-stop service, including contractual, legal, permit, zoning, due diligence, visa/residency, taxation and litigation matters, offering an integrated approach to the overseas investor as well as our corporate or private clients.

With a proven track-record in delivering strategic, design and operational leadership to achieve client goals, our senior team has been involved, since 2001, in projects with development budgets of over 500 million euros, while the asset value and project budgets of current projects exceed 70 million euros, combined.