Our team consists of chartered architects and engineers with extensive experience in the private and public sector, in Europe and the Middle East, in all types of projects from small-scale summer houses to large-scale infrastructure projects. With successful careers in countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, Greece and Jordan, our people have a familiarity with the intricacies of varied and complex local legislation frameworks, banking, planning and building procedures that can greatly facilitate the experience of overseas investment. With a proven track-record in delivering strategic, design and operational leadership to achieve client goals, our senior team has been involved in various roles, since 2001 and up to now, in projects with development budgets of over 550 million euros, while the asset value and project budgets of current projects exceed 140 million euros combined.

NSPM Properties was founded in 2017 (evolving from our previous set-up, active since 1999) in order to enable us to seek larger corporate commissions in the United Kingdom and Greece, by founder and managing director Nick Sarris. Nick holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architectural Engineering, a Master of Science in Environmental Design and Engineering, a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Studies, and a Professional Diploma in Architecture. He studied in 3 different British universities, including the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. He is a chartered architect of both the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Greek Technical Chamber (TEE) and his work has been published in refereed and trade journals and presented in international conferences. He founded the firm after a successful career as a junior, senior and project architect and later as project manager in the property development industry and has extensive experience in the prime and super-prime residential sector in the UK and Greece as well as in medium commercial developments in Greece.

Our firm is a Royal Institute of British Architects’ associated practice, and hence pledged to abide by the Institute’s Code of Conduct concerning integrity, competence and our relationships with other parties.

Our firm has its headquarters in Athens, Greece, and associate offices in London and Mykonos. The Athens office employs 9 staff, 4 of which are chartered architects and one is a civil engineer and licensed project manager professional. The firm uses fully-licensed BIM and CAD software and top-range computing and printing equipment.

We are currently involved in large-scale investments in Athens, Mykonos, the Southern Peloponnese and the Pelion mountainous region in Greece. We have created and maintain a network of local partners that have allowed us to carry out complex large-scale design work in full compliance with national and local by-laws, as well as under extremely austere legislation regulating listed buildings and conservation areas, both in the UK and Greece, a niche area of the industry where we can boast of extensive experience and contacts.

The firm has also been employed in the past in the role of “local architect”, for a large-scale regeneration project in Athens that involved collaboration with various well-known and avant-garde architectural practices from all over the world (Ireland, UK, Japan, US, Denmark), where we were asked to provide standardization and interpretation of the Greek building codes, hands-on supervision of the design process for these invited practices, facilitation of their interaction with the local planning authorities and adaptation of schemes of various stages to deliverables under strict specifications to the developer.